so this is the new year….

and I am full of thoughts & plans & resolutions.

I know that for many people, the first of the year represents nothing more than another day, but I work very well with arbitrary deadlines & dates for doing new things. Also, for me, the first of 2011 represented the end of one job and the beginning of a new job: one that permits me a significant, almost unbearable, amount of freedom in terms of the whens/wheres/hows of doing the work (which is, like the former job, fundraising and grantwriting).  With the freedom comes responsibility, isn’t that what is said?  For me, the responsibilities lie in:

1. accomplishing the actual work

2. taking advantage of freedom to write more: for myself, in my journal, and here.

3. exercising consistently & to the greatest ability of my body

4. investing time and energy in activities that the children will enjoy: story time, library trips, play dates, art projects, etc.

We have already been to the library story time at the Downtown Public Library (where we wanted to be married, but they, alas, don’t do weddings); Eliot got a bit fidgety after a while, and then he enjoyed roaming the stacks, playing with the puppets, etc.  I’m glad we get some time together, just like Bird & I did back when she was small.  Soon, we’ll register both for swim lessons, a nice prep for the summer I know is coming, even as we shiver through these winter days.

For me, also, the new year gives me a nice start to an activity that also helps prepare me for the year to come: the New Year Grand Plan Cleaning Challenge, wherein I will go room by room, pretty much exhaustively cleaning each space and, simultaneously, purging extra and unneeded items.  Every time I feel overwhelmed by drawer clutter or what feels like heaps of toys, I remind myself that in just a few weeks that annoyance will have been cleared away and remedied.  My best friend comes to visit in February & we’ll sit down and purge the purged things!  I can’t wait to have someone help me separate myself from the toys to which I am emotionally attached even when the children could not care less!

So, here we are, 9 days in to the new year, and I have been diligent, thus far, at my new intentions, while the new job so far seems like a good fit.  To record them for posterity, my 2011 starts with the phrase Be Kind, Be Patient, Be Creative.

It also includes striving to do the following:

  1. observe daily devotionals
  2. write daily, whether creative, blogging, journal, or letter writing
  3. perform monthly breast self-exams.  Early detection saves lives & as the daughter & granddaughter of cancer survivors, I should be more diligent
  4. plan and prepare three meals a week: these will probably be one chicken/turkey, one vegetarian, and one vegan.
  5. do one weekly activity with the children that involves their interests: art project or a trip to the library or an excursion somewhere fun
  6. maintain exercise routines in the fall.  I do fine in winter, spring, and summer, but fall.  Oh, fall.

So, that’s our new year.  What’s yours?


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