so this is the new year

There’s this idea, and I’m a devotee, that new years mark an ideal time for new beginnings. For me, January 1 and then the beginning of the school year both fall into that category of “new year, new beginnings”. Largely, I think this is because I am a creature of habit, with a desire and personal need to order things. I like my days bracketed by my morning and evening routines, which are born from, but are not entirely like the FlyLady system.

Now that the children are back in school, I have three days a week, fifteen hours, that are all mine. All mine, if that includes working. I also find that those days easily fill with other activities: preparing for an out of town trip, preparing for a birthday party, readying the house for company. I manage, regularly, to fill the days with an amazing amount of Not Paid Work or even Not Creative Writing. So, even though today is October 17th, with no particular marker on it for launching new things, today I am trying to make sure I get all of my kinds of writing in. So far, I have managed a personal journal entry, some work, and now a blog post. The last is creative writing, and I have a poem I’m working on, which is a phrase I’ve pretty much never uttered aloud ever, but I left my book with the draft in it at home, and I’m out in a random office on the Vanderbilt campus while Wren participates in a education department study.

So, for the writing, I’m aiming for daily. I think that, work aside, fifteen minutes a day of each kind of writing isn’t a terrible way to spend some time, and it would free me from my current repetitive refreshing of facebook, as though anything new has been posted in three minutes that I might miss otherwise.

Look for more new and thrilling content to come! I have several fun sewing and crafty things that have been going on for autumn, I want to learn to menu plan and I may as well walk through that with the world, and I have a new phone, which takes nice photos, so I can share more pictures.

Like this one. In the last week, Husband has done several things of note, but my favorite was probably this green curry, which he made using the cookbook we got from the cooking class we took on our honeymoon in Thailand:
One of the best things we did on our Thailand honeymoon was cooking classes.  Tonight Brett makes green curry with homemade curry paste.

delicious! Spicy! Homemade!


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