Lazy Saturdays (on somewhat less lazy Tuesdays)

One of my favorite things about having friends who don’t have kids is that sometimes we end up having sleepovers at our house. Usually it involves a lot of alcohol the night before, although this particular time, it involved quite a bit of wine, but also a ton of amazing food at Mangia, an Italian food event that happens every weekend not far from us.

What’s even more fun than the impromptu sleepover is the impromptu lazy day that follows. This is not to say that every minute of our Saturday is washed away by sheer bumming, but we do tend to all lie in, once the children are set up with a video or breakfast, and then we all sit about dazedly gazing at the children, and then eventually we have breakfast. Sometimes followed almost immediately by lunch.

Last Friday, we went out for the aforementioned amazing meal. We woke on Saturday, and I made every adult a delicious egg-turkey bacon-cheese English muffin, once I went to the store to procure more English muffins (a trip I could have avoided had I merely checked the garage freezer). While at the store, I also bought more coffee filters, after reading this blog post on The Artful Parent about coffee filter spider webs for Halloween decoration. Birdie really loves her some cutting of coffee filters, and not being certain we had any (I use reusable ones for my daily brew), I figured I’d pick up some more. $1.29 investment that is unlikely to go to waste.

She wandered in as the adults wrapped up their meal, and I directed her to the coffee filters. She dove in, pulling out the scissor bin, and setting to making webs that looked remarkably like the snowflakes of last winter. We reread the blog post. The crafty member of our friend-set secured her own pair of scissors, and before long, she and Birdie had the hang of spider webs. Bird got distracted, though, by the idea of ghosts.

2011-10 decor (8)

She turned to stuffing one filter into another and tying up their necks with twist ties, thereby clearing out my stash. I brought a needle and thread to the table and stitched up a ghostie garland. Husband attempted a very detailed spider before he and the crafter’s husband took off to play football in the perfect fall air.

Halloween crafting!

2011-10 decor (9)

Birdie went out for a bit, as well, but drifted back to the table several times over the late morning and early afternoon before she and our friend had covered the kitchen window with decorations. Googly-eyed pipe cleaner spiders, coffee filter spider webs, and a choir of ghosts filled every pane above the dog’s level.

2011-10 decor (6)

2011-10 decor (5)

While I’m sure that some of this would have happened at some point anyway, I love that it became a family affair, surrounding Birdie with people who love her and love doing things with her. Except Eliot, who was very very busy.

Parenting by machine.


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