sewing angry bird costumes

What’s that you say? Halloween was a week ago?
So it was! But I had a sick child, an eternal doctor’s visit, and a small assortment of other hassles last week that intervened with this writing, so you get it today!

We present Red Angry Bird and Blue Angry Bird, with courtesies to a friend for the photographs:
Red Angry Bird Birdie

Blue Angry Bird Eliot

The costumes were Eliot’s idea. We had to herd him into committing, though, as he was inclined to invent about a hundred other costume ideas between mid-September and Halloween. I liked this, though, because I felt they would be fairly easy to sew (unlike last year’s Buzz Lightyear), and although Angry Birds are very popular, I didn’t think they would be super prevalent on the darkened streets.

I used Simplicity 2070, a toddler chick or pumpkin costume pattern, which I thought would be easy to alter to a bird situation. Red and blue fleece, and I didn’t make legs, because the angry birds don’t seem to have legs, and I didn’t need additional work. The pattern was ridiculously easy, both to cut and to assemble. I probably spent about five hours total on both costumes, plus an additional hour reminding Eliot that he didn’t get to change his mind once I’d purchased the materials to make his initial choice.

my angry birds!

They both seem to really like their costumes and they were adorable, in my personal opinion. Half of the houses we visited knew what they were, and the rest thought that they had something to do with Phineas and Ferb: something about a platypus?


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