the Super Secret Mama File

Seriously?  I could talk about myself  Isn’t that how personal websites began?  Instead of going into a laundry list that is just so overt that you know me immediately and fully, let’s just let things trickle out a little at a time.  That would be way  more super secret, anyway, right?

The short of it?
One Mama: me.|
One Daddy: B.
One Girly: Bird.
One Boychild: Eliot.

Four person family of the 50s television boy-girl variety.  We’re awfully generic.  We even live in the suburbs.

Why super secret?
why not?  I sort of like being furtive about this because it makes me less accountable.  Or more accountable but less twitchy about being the very thing I am not.  Release the inner “mommy blogger” and watch me scream.


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